Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project Nursery...Part 1!

With only 11 weeks to go until the due date, Project Nursery is well underway!  After we found out Addison was indeed female, the creative juices started to flow.  We (my partner in crime, mom, aka "Gami"), spent hours scoping out different bedding and ordering samples of fabric to find exactly what we wanted for Addison.  There are SO many options out there and lots of different paths to we go with sweet, soft pink, something vintage and shabby chic, a look thats more modern and clean, or something with a little sugar and spice!  Now I haven't met Addison yet, but my motherly instincts and daily jabs to the ribs are telling me she is made up of both sugar AND spice!  Given that, we settled on a bedding set by Caden Lane and absolutely love it!  Here is a picture from their website.

Here is Eric ("Daddy") and my dad ("Pops") putting together the crib, along with big sister Cocoa supervising

So far, we have painted all of the molding and doors white, the top half of the room aqua blue, and are doing the bottom half in wallpaper thats white with pink polka dots

What nursery is complete without a pink pouf!

Here is the start to a very girly closet...its been so fun so far and shes not even here yet!


Elena said...

Omg, I love it! It's really starting to come together. Now if Eric could just bring a paintbrush over along with the Tito's, our place would be all set ;)

brown eyed blogg said...

its looking AWESOME. i ADORE the bedding and pink pouf!!!!!!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

Thanks for linking me on the sidebar! Your nursery is gorgeous & so full of girly goodness. Congrats!

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