Friday, March 18, 2011

A rocking chair with a WHOLE LOT of tradition!

In December, my sweet grandparents who I love very much were nice enough to drive down a rocking chair all the way from Houston that they have had for many years.  My grandmother remembers being rocked in this chair, as well as my mom and myself.  I never knew the story behind the rocker, but come to find out, this rocking chair is so old it belonged to Addison's great, great, great grandfather!  Not only is it a beautiful addition to the nursery, but what a sweet piece of tradition to pass down from one generation to another.  Below is the lineage from now to the original owner of the rocking chair:

Addison's Parents

Addison's Grandparents

Addison's Great-Grandparents

Addison's Great-Great-Grandparents

Addison's Great-Great-Great Grandparents
(The lady on the left was married to the man on the far right and thats whose rocking chair it was!)

The rocking chair today!  The wood is absolutely beautiful and the only thing we did was get it re-upholstered and now its all ready for lots of rocking with Addison!  
(Also, the sewing machine behind the rocking chair belonged to her great, great, great grandmother pictured above on the left)


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